We are not amateurs. We did not forgive anything, he defended himself after the fall of König

In front of the Sky Stage Team, British team bikers went to trainers after each stage. This time, however, Jesolo did not have a traditional “ritual”. Not just because it was not a mood. “I do not want to go. My knee is hurting, “said Richie Porte.

Leopold König might have gone, but the mechanics seemed to have been looking for a suitable bicycle for a Czech cyclist.

The team had arrived before the 2: 1 and 2: 08 minutes, accompanied by Bernie Eisel. They lost in a flat stage more than other Top 10 scorers.

Their bikes had previously been the “victim” of a mass fall that occurred 3300 meters before the finish. “I was traveling on a loan from Vasil Kiryyen,” Porte said.Belorussian bicycle did not care for his tiny figure.

Similarly, König, who later expressed his opinion on Facebook on the critical reactions of some fans: “Many people say that we are amateurs that we have dropped it. But we both got Richie on lent wheels with two more frames than we have. So we went the last three kilometers only from the saddle. Of course we did not forgive anything. I would recommend to some people first to find out the facts and then spit…. Otherwise, we are the team of amateurs twice won the Tour. “

König now loses 15th place overall classification 4:24 minutes in first place and 1: 09 minutes on the tenth position held by the Russian Trophy of Katyus.

“It’s cycling, often making simple luck.I’ll be okay for the morning and tomorrow will be better, “he assured his supporters on Friday evening and appreciated how he grew in Italy along the Czech flag trails.

The long tune will change many times today. “Do not do anything”

His inner struggle will also have to seduce Richie Porte. On the 17th place he lags behind Aruem at 5:05 minutes. “You can Energybet sports bets not do anything when everyone gets in front of you. It was wet and nervous.In fact, that crash in the peloton was not a surprise, “Tasman said, critical moment on the rainy road that led to the Jesolo destination.

He did not want the commissioners to take into account the fact that the caramel was only 300 meters from the three-kilometer neutralized zone, within which the losses from the falls are not included in the overall classification.

, For which offenses the commissioners penalized me with two minutes in the 10th stage. It was clear to us that even today the jury will not change the rules. Not here. It was Paris-Nice that he did, “he compared.

Before Giro left San Rema two weeks ago on his pilgrimage this year, Porte excitedly said,” It’s my dream event.I have done absolutely everything for success. “Now the winner of the three rounds this year is too aware that his pink dream disappears in the distance.

“Happiness is not here on our side,” said Dario Cioni, sports director. “We had a good position in the peloton. Some, however, risked more. Let’s try to win the time and then see what’s next.”Contador: I got a punch in my knee”

Loser also took Alberto Contador in Jesolos, but in his case only 40 seconds.

“There is not one quiet day on this Giru. We were waiting for three kilometers, but unfortunately the fall happened earlier, “said Spanish team leader Tinkoff-Saxo. He was also among the handicapped.

“My first response was to get back to the bike as soon as possible.

Tossato gave me his own. I lost enough time, but I’m more sorry about the bruise on my left knee, I got hit by another wheel. That could limit me, “he thought.When the Tinkoff-Saxo bus was published from Jesolo, Contador was sitting in the front seat, his legs crouching in front of him and kneeling.

“We did not lose our mood,” his sports director Steven de Jong assured him. “Thanks to the rapid reaction of Tossata, Albert managed to minimize the loss.” Roman Kreuziger was even better off, uninfluenced. “Fortunately, I was in front of him in the first group,” the Czech cyclist said. He arrived at the finish immediately after the sprints and then rose to the 4th place. From the virtual winners it is divided by 24 seconds.

With Albert I’m still nothing

Fabio Aru is now dressed in pink.The day before, the leader Astane was tortured and lost in the Vicenza conquest. “I grabbed a jerk, then,” he admitted. This time, Kreuziger came to the foreground and led 19 seconds before Contador.

“This stage was really hard, in bad weather. Although on a straight line, but with many roundabouts. But I was always on the front to reduce the risk of falling, “said the young Italian. Despite the euphoria that he had become the owner of Maglia Rosa for the first time in his career, he was also aware that he might have a life of trickery. In today’s long time, Contador will be much more popular.

“Alberto is a great champion who has won everything in our sport. Compared to him, I’m still nothing.Anything else can happen, “he said with respect Aru. “Time will be extremely important. I’ll put everything in it. “

However, Oleg Tiňkov, the owner of Tinkoff-Saxo, has a clear view of the following. “I do not know what people are still dealing with,” he twitched. “Alberto wins the time. I do not see another option. “

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