VIDEO: Boleslav crushed Pirates 7: 1, Vítkovice defeated Plzeň

Hockey players Vítkovice used the first round of the game Generali play off Tipsport extraligy home and beat Plzeň 3: 1. Chomutov, on the contrary, did not succeed before his audience and suffered with Mladá Boleslav debakl 1: 7. The second series of games played on three winning duels are scheduled to be held in Ostrava again in Chomutov on Tuesday.

Playing off Vítkovicím came out and in the fourth minute Kolouch hit the Vandas The action went from the ring to the gallows. Domestic active adventure led to the chance of Kloka, but from the half of the first part began to take over the battalion of the Plzeň match. However, the guests did not reach the chances and at the beginning of the second half they swallowed the second bitter pill.Balan ideally put the puck in front of the unguarded Hrbas gate, who without a second preparation overcame Machovsky.

Even the second goal of Vítkovice did not break the opponent. The players raised their heads again and in the 28th minute it was burning in front of Bartošák, but the Lion just swamped in the big bang just before the empty goal.

After the Vítkovický brejk and Szturcovy ráno hit the bar, the West Bohemians reduction. Paradoxically, in his own weakness the Lion loosed Kratěna and he had his own swing under Bartošák’s kicker.

Like polite living water Pilsen pressed even more at the end of the second part of the opponent.Bartosák, who kept the lead after an intense siege in Pilsen’s power play, was brilliantly drawn out by the strike.

The guests were much more dangerous in the number of points and Kubalík refused to settle in 46 minutes. Four did not score the goal. But in the counterattacks Květoň went, but Machovsky also did not fire from the solo.

Plzeň in the final ten minutes again drove the home team into the defensive and the balance was hung in the air. Bartosak was defeated by Lva, the excellent procedure had to pull Machovsky against Vandasův wound.

The onslaught of the Indians was cut off by the exclusion of the filming of the Procházka fall.Although the guests resisted, and when they eliminated Tomi, they called off the goalkeepers, and took the third round of the Sloboda hole all over the course.

Home: 03:06. Kolouch, 23:09. Hrbas, 58:59. Freedom

Guests: 33:47.


L. Kovář – P. Zdráhal, O. Roman, Olesz (C) – Vandas, Kolouch, Kucsera – Hudeček, Stastny, D. Květoň – Tomi, Balán, Szturc – Kurovský

: Machovsky (Hylak) – P. Kadlec (A), Kvasnička, D. Sklenička, Moravčík, Čerešňák, Pulpan (A), Němeček – T. Svoboda, Kracík, D.Kubalík – Martin Prochazka, Kratěna (C), Lev – Indrak, Preisinger, Stach – Schleiss, Koreis, Hrnka.

The Pirates took off without the striker Vladimir Růžička junior. Mlada Boleslav had an excellent match, because after 20 seconds of the game, Hyka was fired and the subsequent penalty shot turned. On the other hand, he could match Kämpf, but Maxwell did not overcome.In the third minute, Hyka added the second goal when he scored in the numerical advantage after the Galaxy elimination for two plus two minutes. The Chomutovs had the possibility of first counts after Látal’s throwing the puck into the auditorium, but Mrázek’s foul shortened. In a short swift pass, the Vampol leadership shifted from Laca, who was replaced by the King. Two Pirates first performed two great interventions, but then did not get to Klepis. He won the duel with Kudelka and overcame King Bekhendem.

At the beginning of the second third, the Pirates played a numerical advantage in which Cush with the stopper failed and Dlapa attempted from the ring. In the 25th minute, he made a great push in front of Mrázek goalpost.

In just half a minute, Hyka replied, after a quick break, he completed the hattrick.The whole situation was confirmed by the judges of the video. Seven minutes later, he raised to 6: 1 Žejdl, who took advantage of the King’s exit against Klepis and scored in the empty goal. After half the game Pospíšil ran off Chomutov’s defense, shot the King between the concrete and took care of another substitution in the home Gate. After 21 minutes, Laco returned to the gate. The home did not give up, but Huml did not score a blank goal. On the other hand, Hyek’s attempt ended.

At the beginning of the last part, neither unit was moving anywhere. At 46 minutes, Orsav’s clue was Laco. Shortly thereafter, the home had the opportunity to count a number of advantages, in which Vondrkova’s shot in front of Maxwell was swinging, but the Mlada Boleslav goalkeeper struck.The next round was interwoven with exclusions on both sides.

After unfulfilled chances, Dlapy and Kudělky played a home game. In that he had the goal Sklenář goal, after which the goalkeeper was struck by the scandal, after which the judges gave away six minutes on both sides. By the end of the game, the score has not changed.

Home: 24:38. Mrázek

Guests: 00:20. Hyka, 02:35. Hyka, 11:27. Vampola, 15:15. Klepis, 25:08. Hyka, 31:39. Cheek, 32:44. Hosted by


Home: J. Laco (12.Fleming, Dlapa, Rutta, Mrazek, Valach, Skinner, Kudelka – Vondrka, Huml, Tomica – Račuk, Sklenář, Skokan – Koblasa, Kämpf, Guests: Maxwell (Halász) – Stříteský, Kučný, Kurka, Hanzlík, Bernad, Štich, Hrdinka – Hyka, Musil, Lenc –