Training to Dakar?

To home fifth, or long third pilot Dakar coached Martin Macík traditionally a year. . run training is specially competitions football lines however, in General has a seat. “well perceived the new Dakar. Suddenly it’s dirt, and whole among the was Pochinok because the ever earlier in Dakar was not. No, I’m not. From me would be value because the not take this lived to run sour situation at the yourself Suite”, – explains Macík. As his training right in before Dakarem looks you can to meet in the next video.

Unfortunately only swim in swamp is a quantity learning. Provides also epoch gym, sauna and stay in vysokohorském the environment. No sebelepší workout, and probably one absolutely ready the that it will be unique rally awaits. “I “Totally performs nenasimilujete, that effort Dakar changes and never nenasimulujete that slow occurs in psyche”, – explains Martin Macík.

the Current not least, already most likely wait. Current year of Dakar, starting with the 2. February.