The Jag with the Russians in the final: They did not. You have to respect your opponent

After completing the home championship, Jagr, where he again announced his ending in the championship, is sponsoring. On Tuesday he handed the Huawei mobile phones to the winners of the Zizkov tower. Fans welcomed him with acknowledged applause, staring at him with typical admiration. They fooled with him, signed up…

“What is it like when people want you as a president? Do not you have that glory enough? “The moderator asked.

” I got used to it. I know it may be different in a week. It’s up there, “Jagr replied. “I’m glad I played a good tournament, but the last two matches did not happen.They did not even make me personal. It’s a shame we do not have a medal. “

What was the next legendary 68 player talking about?

About the masks of the Bob and Bobs champions

” We had Bob and Bob at the hotel, but they were alive. “

About the World Cup finals Canada Russia

“I just saw the result, probably nobody expected it to be so unambiguous. Both teams were strong. I thought they would decide the goalkeepers, so I believed Russia, because I played with Sergey Bobrovsky for one year and I know he is a great goalkeeper. But Canada has shown quality.In the base group, they played what they needed. “

About the behavior of the Russians at the ceremony < / H3>

“I saw only some shots on TV. I know you are tired, frustrated, but you have to respect your opponents. You have to stay there, the Russians did not get it. But Malkin and Ovechkin wanted to stay, they’re hearts, I will not let them go. “

“I did not feel that way.There was a lot of Czech journalists who did not know other names, so they chose me. “

About other plans

To devote myself to Kladno, I did not have time. We need to discuss some things to complement the set. Returning to the extralig will be difficult. Then I go to Florida, I have to find a home, then start training for the next season. I hope we fight for the Stanley Cup. “