Squash a quarter million: I do not score Slavie on the court, says Koukal

The event, which is part of the prestigious series of professional PSA tournaments, kicks off at 16:00 on Sunday at the time of the second half between Slavi and Sparta. “If I get to the final, I will definitely go to the court with the fact that I will know how my Slavinka plays. Otherwise I would be nervous, “Koukal smiles.

But he does not expect anything light. In the Czech Republic, a 32-year-old athlete is a fearless sovereign, in March he has already won the 16th title of the Czech Republic champion, but Prague will be much harder to compete. “Theoretically, I would have to go through the finals, but in the spider I’m in danger of losing my opponents, which will not add to the games,” says Koukal, deployed two.

In the men’s competition, Sebastiaan Weenink (96.World Player of the PSA), Koukal is currently 119th in the world. In addition, the main competition will feature two representatives of the emerging generation of young Czech players Martin Švec and Daniel Mekbib, who will play in the first round just with Koukal. Another seven Czech squash players will try to compete in the main competition.

“Dan Mekbib has been squeezing my teeth for a long time, but I do not want to go home in the first round. Playing for an event in Prague is a duty for me, but also a joy. I do not have to travel anywhere – and then come back, “Koukal joked, winning 7 PSA titles on the home ground and becoming a vice president of Europe in 2005 as well.

The tournament is held by the Czech squashe association and will take place in the sporting the Hamr area in Záběhlice.Subsidies for men and women are $ 5,000, a total of nearly a quarter million crowns, which is very interesting in the squash world.

In the women’s tournament, Deon Saffery from Wales (47. on the PSA ladder). The greatest rival should be the former world two, Natalie Grinham from the Netherlands: it is a triple finalist of the World Championship and European Champions. He returns to the circuit after the birth of his second son. For health reasons, however, the best Czech player Lucie Fialová does not participate. The Czech Republic will be represented by Anna Klimundová, the five squash players will try to qualify.

This will take place on Thursday from 10 am, on Friday at the same time Prague will open and the quarterfinals will be played in the evening.On Saturday afternoon, semifinal duels are running, on Sunday afternoon, a women’s final match is played, the men go to the court an hour later.