San Marino – Czech Republic 0: 6, great half, then slowed down footballers

A convincing victory helped move from fourth to second in Group C. The Czechs jumped as Azerbaijan, who lost at home with Germany and Northern Ireland. But it is still good for the evening match against Norway and can get back to the Czech team again.

The San Marino match has been a clear matter from the beginning. When she played last season in Serravalle in the autumn of 2008, she had been troubled for a long time. The whole first half waited for the goal, but in the second half she gave three. This time there was a relief earlier.National team took a quarter of an hour to rozdýchání then greatly blasted and showed how it against outsiders should play.

not expected that the Czech Republic should have problems, but probably not that over nine minutes handle to score four goals. How is this rapid-born?

17th minute. Gebre Selassie took an active pass from Darida, running alone on the goalkeeper, but still cleverly slid the ball under Barak himself, who, under falling goalkeeper sent the ball into the net.

19th minute. Missed only a few tens of seconds and Barak turned into a recorder. He pulled the ball to lime, waited for the start of the second wave Darida and slid the ball into a perfect shooting position.The wound midfielder Hertha engages the rod.

24th minute. Barak in action again, this time for a change as zakončovatel. Centr Sivok him head shrewdly tapped down Krejci and Slavia midfielder lifted a hard ball under the crossbar.

26th minute. Deserved reward for Gebre Selassieho. Right defender, who went through the majority of Czech events, watched at the back post to Janktův cross fell through several players.When he eventually came the ball to him in the slip sent him into the open net.

At the end of half the guests waited fifth goal when a cross Jankta close, maybe a tight offside pushed into the goal Krmenčík.

In addition, the Czechs had several promising options should be Darida was not far from a hat-trick, had twice hit the post.Home in the first half rarely got the ball, not fired, kicking or corner, success for them was when for a moment look at the opponents half.

But at the beginning of the second half annoyed when Zafferano rinsed out Brabec and he got up before Vaclík, but the quality finish had he left power. Czech footballers took a moment to pause after retaking the same whirlwind pace, and as in the first half did not show – rather hit a power saving mode.

The chances but they had anyway. Add goal could Krmenčík, but its slow move captured goalkeeper Simoncini.Then Novák ended up close, but the ball hit the wrong one. The Czechs did so until thirteen minutes before the end, when Darida changed the penalty given for the foul of the alternate Dumb.