Räikkönen and Bottas in: Who caused the last round accident?

The more experienced Räikkönen had to return to the third place he held after the start, only one round. He had to put everything in it. Bottas was heading for the fourth straight ahead but Räikkönen braked at the last minute and stuffed his Ferrari “nose” into the corner.

The rival with Williams, of course, did not jerk and knock on Räikkönen, who probably did not https://skylarisaperson.tumblr.com/ run the same way as he was. “What did he do?” Bottas wondered in the radio.

The world’s oldest Formula 1 world champion has a reputation for a fair rider who rather drives to an accident.And he did not do it this time either.

“I do not know it was a racing collision for me,” he said after the Räikkönen race. “I’ve been driving in this place and I was not so far to try again. I just went into it and it ended when it was over. It was https://jordantheseawarrior.tumblr.com/ a common race collision for me, but I’m not a sports commissioner. “He was right, the sports co-stars had a different opinion on the collision. He has received a 10-minute punishment in boxing. However, the goal is unrealistic after passing through, so half a minute has been added to his final result. Eventually he was ranked eighth.

Valtteri Bottas was the whole car in the front and did not see his rival.That’s why he hit him. “Then I could not do anything with that,” Räikkönen said. “I do not know if he saw me, or if he expected me to be there. I tried to be as much as possible on the inside, but it did not help. “Bottas in the curve, of course, did not expect Räikkönen. And he had not seen him before. “I do not think it was a racing incident, as Kimi says. I did not see anyone, I was driving in front of someone and suddenly someone was raiding me, “said a disappointed racer.

The punishment of Räikkönen Bottas did not solve. “I was supposed to be on the podium and now I have no point. This is a huge disappointment. But if he gets Kimi or not, I do not care.The points will not return it anyway, “the competitor added.