Points, points, points. How to get to Rio? There are no world champions

Only ONE boat from each country can start on games in each of the four Olympic categories. So it sounds a merciless rule.

The Czech team has now won the Olympic Games in all four categories, ie K1, C1 and C2 men and K1 women.

But whoever is busy, And it will also offer attractive battles:

World Champion 2015 Prskavec against World Champion 2013 Hradilka – and also against Tunka, Přindis and Hilgert.

From left: Jiri Prskavec (5 points in the meantime).Ondrej Tunka (1 point), Vavřinec Hradilek (0 points).

Or this year’s world champion Kudějová against the double Olympian winner Hilgert, but with the interference Vojtová, Galušková or Ornstová. Kateřina Kudějová (5 points), Štěpánka Hilgertová (1 point), Veronika Vojtová (0 points).

Only one (or one) will always be happy.First of all, Prskavec and Kudějová have earned a good “pillow” in these battles in London now.

How will the Czech qualification be run in Rio?

Then in May European Championship in Liptovsky Mikulas where their 11, 9 and 8 points match each other.

The final ranking of the Olympic Qualification will then be determined from the sum of Bonus Points from MS 2015 and of the four best spot gains from five spring races (4 home + ME) . When this mathematical operation takes place, the names of the Olympians will be known.

A five-point deposit from London can significantly help Pratt and Kuday.She will want to end the twenty-year-long series of Olympic Games by Stepanek Hilgert, who now has four points.

“But the four points are not all,” Kudějová says. “At the international races, I have just ended most of the time in front of Štěpánka, but the domestic Olympic nominee will only go for the second time, while Štěpánka has done it many times. He knows how to deal Energybet online betting deals with it. “

By Jiří Prskavec older, coach Kudějová, he agrees:” Rio is still struggling hard. But the four points are a great advantage. “His son, who helped in the kayakers category, convinced the world championship:” I did not take London as the first qualification to Rio. If I concentrate on nomination points here, I would not be here.I took it that the World Cup is the biggest race for me in the season – and I won it. Let’s see if I’m lucky next year in the nomination. “

Withdrawing in the semi-finals the struggle for Rio complicated Vavřinci Hradilka, the silver man from the last Olympics.

> (Prskavec and Tunka) here took some points, but not that I would not want them.It’s great to get to the championship final, “Hradilek said, announcing that he was planning a change in preparation to get a new impulse. On the other hand, the start of the Olympic Qualifying Battle of Singlcanoists and Deblcanoists no one in London has ever made a final match.

At the Olympics, singlkano player Stanislav Jezek (left) and deblocked Jonas Kašpar and Marek Sindler think the Olympics

Nomination criteria have been similar for Czech water slalom for over two decades, this time only the importance of bonus points has grown from the World Cup.

“The qualification system will never be perfect,” says director of photography, George Pulter. “We are trying to keep it as open as possible.At the same time, however, we think that if someone wins the biggest race in the previous season, he deserves a bonus. We are looking for an ideal relationship. After the Olympics we will know if we were hit precisely with the nomination. But in the past we have proven this system. “

Rio 2016. The journey is tempting, but far away. It is literally literally.

Already on 20 November, the Czech team will go to Rio at the first test facilities of the Olympic channel Energybet online bet and their associated concentration. The association first announced that it would pay the way for two of the best in each category of the world championship. This would not have happened either to Hradilka or to the singer-songwriter Ježek.

“To pay for the trip myself? It will become a ranch, “said Hradilek.Later, however, Pultera admitted that the union is looking for ways to get some other representatives in Rio.

In autumn it will still be. The next year in July, only the winners of exceptionally dramatic domestic qualifications are coming there.

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