Playing coach Voříšek: I want to raise suckers like Verbíř or Fousek

“They came to me to do it. It is a chance for me, the first practice, because I want to train once, I want it, “said Voříšek, who has been tapped from Teplice for a long career. Then he celebrated the title with Sparta, scored four starts for a representation ahok, eventually settled in Austria. He was Pasching, Rapid Vienna, Altach, Austria Vienna, and SV Wallern employed him for the last years. “It is better for me to start coaching in Austria. I’ve been to Wallern for the fourth season, and people love me there, it’s easier. I do not have to offer and start from scratch anywhere. Let’s see if he throws me away, “he smiled. Meanwhile, he has a single win, one draw and three losses in the 3rd league.

At home in Děčín he is also devoted to youth, he founded the Football Academy of Petr Voříšek.Her patron is besides another dean patriot Vladimír Šmicer, European vicemnetor 1996 and winner of the Champions League.

“We have children from four to eleven years old, we would like to follow up with the pupils. And raise Decin football. The main purpose is for players to get good habits and do not play like I do, “he says exaggeratedly. “Sure, my career was beautiful, beautiful. It could have been worse, I can not complain. I’m delighted to see where Energybet free bet online I came because I never thought he was a soccer player.But he wants to do more, so I want to move the younger one in Děčín. “

The idea of ​​an ideal footballer he gained during his Teplice engagement, where he belonged to the legendary silver party in the 1997/98 season. > “I did not play much, but I learned a lot from the guys. With Stephen Vachoušek we sat on the bench and watched dude like Verbíra or Fouska, I would like to raise one again, “he drew. “When you stand behind the klander and see these players, you have Energybet bet online to warm up. Soccer players who can do it with the ball will always be more valued than the bastard, “he thinks.

If the Teplice in the future were told to go to the Shadows to train, he would not hesitate. “It is clear what I would answer. I will not let go to Teplice. But this is far away.I’m in the start, I still have a tremendous amount of fun, “says the coach A-license student. Always paid for a fair player, he never belonged to a box of bad men. And he’s a coach too.

“I’m rather a good coach,” says a 36-year-old defender or midfielder. “It is clear that I have to stiffen on adults. But I’ve seen a couple of crazy coaches and I will not. Most things I try to solve in peace. “

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