Nice placement for goodbye. It will be difficult to leave, Strachova said

DIRECTLY FROM SWITZERLAND Sarka Strach left the World Championship in Svatý Mořice, and it is definitely her last championship. After the first round it did not look perfect, it was the ninth. But in the second part of the slalomrace race she showed excellent performance and took the lead. The opponents who overtaken her in the first round then spoiled, so the Czech Republic finally rejoices with the fifth place. And it’s not just a phrase that she’s really happy with her championship division.

After the first round, you said you were going to go with a clean head to the other. It was obviously successful that you were like a devil. It seemed like you enjoyed the last round on MS…
“So enjoyed. Rather, I tried to fight, and I had a pretty good feeling at that.The lead surprised me (was 88th in Sweden by Emelie Wickström). Maybe there was some reserve, anyway, I was surprised that he was missing such a small piece of the medal. And if she stayed somewhere, it was in the first round between 30 and 40 seconds. There surely are the three, four tenths left. But fifth place is terribly good. The Fifth Medal from MS would of course be something incredible. I tried to make the most of it, so I have an inner feeling and I’m happy with the fifth place. It’s a nice place to say goodbye. “

In the target area, you were standing for the lead competitor, smiling, waving to the camera, rivaling off. Did you believe in a medal?

“She did not believe.The front racers had a fairly large lead and Val d’Isère (in 2009 the second one ended), this hill is very simple. There was a heavy one, it was easier to make mistakes and the competitors did not manage the track. Here it is quite short, the track was excellent, it was not broken and it was built quite simply. Someone would have to make a real mistake, such as Veronika Velez Zuzula, who caught the spiker. It would be a small miracle. “Five Fifth Medals from the Fifth World Championship, together with three other skiers, would be a record…Even four Czech medals from the World Championship, under all Signed by Šárka Záhrobská and Strachová, sounds good, does not it?
“Not even four medals are bad.Today, Frida Hansdotter made third in slalom and Mikaela has the third gold. But it’s not bad at all what I come from and what backgrounds I have. I’m very proud of the four medals, one of the Olympic Games. And how long do I keep in the world’s top. It all makes me feel great, it will be hard to get away. “