Like the Champions League. Seventeen spectators came to the Division match in Sedlcany

There were 1,480 spectators arriving at the Second Division Round of Sedlcany – Karlovy Vary. As this figure is exceptional, it is best to testify the numbers in the enclosed box.

“We expected people to arrive a lot. But of course we were surprised, “says Petr Jindrák, chairman of the club. “But we did not have any problems. They all got to the gallery in time, the tribune for the seated took about 300 fans and the others went around the playground. “Sedlčany is a town in Příbram with seven and a half thousand inhabitants. Football has a tradition there, but Tatran has never escaped higher than in the county. And it would not be good this year if the club did not get an unexpected pass.Under normal circumstances, the two best teams advance to the division from the county, Sedlcans, due to the renunciation of others, came out of the fourth figure. “We left the decision to the players. They said they wanted to try the division, so we met them and gave them green, “explains Jindrak. “It is not simple, it was necessary to increase the budget by about a quarter of a million.”

Where do you suddenly take 250 thousand crowns? Sure, to reach out to sponsors, everyone is attacking. But in Sedlcany, thanks to the unexpected spectator monster, there was another source of interest.

“We have not yet calculated exactly, but the admission income could be about twenty thousand crowns after this weekend match.This is a very decent amount for us, “commends Jindrák.

Under his leadership, the club has a sympathetic philosophy. He raises footballers, bets on bumps, does not overpay players. “We play for football and dinner,” the President smiles. “When we have a talented kid in the youth, we’ll just let him down. And when he does not work on a senior level in the senior category, we’d like to welcome him back. “

There are three products in Tatra now, two teams of pupils and teenagers, and even three adult teams. “We set up a cage before this season so everyone can play.”

In the club he regularly chooses his own football player of the year. Last year he became Lukáš Mošnička.You can not but wish to stay in Tatran in Sedlec.