Lafata wound up after the injury: The result is good, the performance is dull

“It certainly is not ideal if you jump right into a sharp match. But on the other hand, something has been trained, and a lot of other guys helped me on the pitch, “Lafata said.

It was the Spartan captain who made a big turn. The Letenskie team still lost ten minutes before the end of the match, but then…

The thirty-three-year-old attacked in the penalty area and scored his 159th goal in a separate Czech league. Nobody in the highest competition gave more goals.

Sparta in the rest of the match thanks to Boer Dockal and Kehinde Fataie added two more goals and won 3: 1.After the draw 0: 0 in Jihlava and 2: 2 on CSKA Moscow, she scored the first victory in the new year.

“If Sparta did not have David Lafat, the match can not be managed,” said Ostrava coach Radomír Korytář.

And Spartan coach Zdeněk Ščasný added: “David is so important to us. The whole game actually turned its goal header. If we had it a week ago in Jihlava, we would have to make one chance. Our performance was bad, but we could handle it. “

Lafata marodil for two months. At the beginning of June, he was injured in a prestigious event and has not played a single game ever since. It does not seem like a long pause for him.

He could just give more than one goal!In the first half, however, the gate was in a good position, after the break he headed next to the goal and Martin Frýdek missed the shot.

“There was always a missing piece. Sometimes it goes down there, sometimes it does not. I’m happy at least for one goal and for winning, “Lafata said. “In any case, the match was good for us, the performance would still be so cracked. But we are very fond of this victory. “

In the past, he was accustomed to rattling himself at the point of the Spartan attack himself.But the acting deputy in the summer changed the gaming system, so it only comes with three defenders and vice versa two attackers.

“Here is a system solved, but there are eleven players on the field and I do not see any problem in that,” Lafata said. “If we play two attackers, or just one…It’s the same way it’s about conquering the gate. So it’s not in the system. “

The experienced captain will be ready on Wednesday for the third round of the Champions League against CSKA Moscow (first match 2: 2). Sparta needs to win or draw 0: 0 or 1: 1 to advance to the fourth qualifying round.

“We believe it will come out. We have a lot of work to do and it will be hard to get it going.I believe that Letna will fill us and that we can do it, “added Lafata.