Israeli Lafata, four times bigger budget … Pilsen is not waiting for the niggers

There was a sharp afternoon sun on the Bloomfield stadium for fourteen thousand spectators. The roof, which cast a pleasant shadow, covers only the main tribune. So this is in Israel at many stadiums.

It will be full Tuesday night. Maccabi would sell much more than the capacity for the match against Pilsen. But he also plans to play at the new stadium in Haifa for thirty thousand fans if he goes to the fourth round.

Sometimes there will also be reports of a possible extension of the Tel Aviv stadium. According to the locals, the ideal would have been at least twice as much as thirty thousand.

Maccabi would recover the money for the reconstruction. With an annual budget of between 25 and 30 million euros (675 to 810 million crowns), it is the richest football club in Israel.For comparison, Pilsen has an annual budget of 200 million crowns.

Israeli football spins good money that attracts interesting players. For example, an experienced Greek defender with Czech roots, Loukas Vyntra, who played for Panathinaikos or Levante, signed a contract with Hapoel Tel Aviv a few days ago.

Salaries are definitely not small. While the biggest league stars in the Czech Republic will receive a maximum of millions of Czech crowns a year, the captain of the current Pilsen rival Eran Zahavi will come up with no bonuses of 650,000 euros per year (almost 18 million crowns) under the new contract.

An interesting figure. He tried to assert in Palermo, but his engagement did not work.And so he returned to Israel, where he worked out the most brilliant star. In the last league year he scored 28 goals, a year earlier, even more.

These are even better numbers than David Lafata’s best league shooter. However, Zahavi has also won a poll of the best Israeli footballer in the last two seasons.

“It is a pleasure to work with him because he is a Energybet football bets online really great player. He is the right captain, which is very important for this team, “said coach Slaviša Jokanovic.

Zahavi is not a typical striker, he is more like a pod. But the more it gets into a game in which it uses its speed and alertness.

“I would say the chances of the match are balanced. It’s fifty-fifty.We do not give up and we want to move forward. We’ll do everything for that. On Tuesday evening, our fans will Energybet online betting tips also help us, “warned Zahavi, who twice hit the second front against the Hibernians.

No, Maccabi is not a team of ambassadors. Rich club wants to go to European Cups. That’s where Zahavi, whom wikipedia sent to Real Madrid, is to help him.

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