In Baku he fought for Tokyo. Basketball players have laid a good base

A very similar journey to Czech tournaments in Baku. The next day they had to correct the failure of the opening match, when women were not enough for Ukraine and men for domestic choices reinforced by an American with experience with the NCAA.

Performance on the second day, however, gave hope for an interesting result. Women consulted with favorites from Belgium and ended the match with Turkey prematurely. The men declassified Andorra and Switzerland. Both Czech republics went to the knockout battles from the second place in the group.

But it seems that odd days did not take place in the Czech selection in Baku.

First of all, women regretted the failed match in the eight-finals, and after a good start they did not have the choice of Ireland and the tournament ended so prematurely.Ireland further defeated Russia in the quarterfinals.

This men managed to play in the eight-finals after the infarction conclusion to prolong the acting champions of Europe from Romania. In the quarterfinals, after a good performance and a great fighter ride, they were not enough for Russia and they did not make a final match.

“We finish in the quarterfinals. The performance of our two teams is positive – from a slow start, through a promising second day, we have reached this point. They perceive us positively here. I think we have put a good foundation for both teams to appear in Tokyo.We are heading for this, “stated Michal Kruk, a senior team leader, a long-term common goal for both teams.

He believes that basketball 3×3 in Baku has mastered his struggle for the Olympic future and could already be part of the planet’s biggest sporting holiday in 2020.

Chance is so far. Let’s remember last year’s World Championship in Russia, Energybet online betting free bet where Czechs had stronger selections than in the subsequent European Championship. The Energybet free sports bets men in world competition took the sixth place, women even made bronze. A high standard kept men in Baku.

“Whatever it is, we are among the six best teams in the world. The second time we ended just before the gates of the semifinals. We miss 10, 15 played matches in preparation.Unfortunately, I’m not able to get the players out of the club because the semi-finals or league finals are still in the beginning of June. But this is no excuse, just a statement, “regrets Michal Kruk short preparations for the five-basketball competition.

The future of 3×3 basketball is still uncertain, but organized tournaments suggest that this new basketball discipline fits in Of the time trends. Czech selections and all Czech 3×3 basketball could be one of the creators of his future.

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