Hundred powers! Slavia surpasses the rest of the league, but does not lose the likes

The army of good goblins – this is the current Slavia, whose height averages the entire football league. And thanks to this, the red and white team is leading the table. “The composition of their squad is physically excellent,” said coach Pilsen Roman Pivarník. “It is a huge advantage,” agrees the former martyr and himself, Pavel Novotný.But beware – the league leader does not lose football, and despite the parameters of his stars: you can not find in Eden the clumsy cobblestones…

Look at the rankings of the league teams according to their average height:

Within two meters They are missing a piece.Self-habitats. He sees the opponent’s coaches as well. “They are built on physical strength, in good standard situations,” they note unanimously. Slavia is the best-fitting team in the league, and these ladies have both ballistic and ballistic techniques. It is clear then that the red-and-white title is erasing…

Jiří Pavlenka would not have jumped half a meter, and he would have a head about a birch. So, when it is so often in the gate, Simon Deli could be a great tool for offensive standards, though somehow he does not go to the net. Milan Škoda is the champion of the entire league, such a lion king.

There are a lot of things, even those special that symbolize the present Slavia.One sentence, however, tells everything: the high tower and the silk, but who lack football skills. That’s what it’s like to play.

“Look at their somatotype, then their emphasis and productivity in the penalty area is understandable,” said Zbrojovka Brno coach Svatopluk Habanec in October. Slavia had his team down 4: 1, all the goal positions were right in front of the opponent’s goal.

This is the first privileged element of her game. She scored 41 goals, and all 37 of them scored within sixteen. The move, the strength and the straightforwardness with which he goes to his opponent’s bay is hard to grasp.In this statistic, Sparta is the second best but scored less than ten goals in the same area.

“It was key to us that we managed to keep Slavia away from our gate,” he said. Coach Zdeněk Klucky. Severočesi in the autumn at home “stitched” really quite mastered and kicked with the chips 0: 0, having more tutons than the selection of Jaroslav Šilhavý.

Let’s go to other numbers. Slavia together with Pilsen are the best in offensive standards, the twelve goals. This is mainly helped by the fact that red-and-white have the highest eleven in the competition. It measures an average of 187 and a half centimeters. Six players are getting or surpassing the 190 cm metric, Per-Egil Flo and Michal Frydrych are not far away.Until then, Josef Hušbauer and the last “dwarf” genius between the towers of Jan Sýkora.

It is worth mentioning that one of the masts, Simon Deli, practically does not impress in the limelight. He is a type of footballer, who gives height to grandeur, plays great legs and has a great start from the back. Not all Eden buds have a problem with the balloon, on the contrary. And so he multiplies his strength.

“Slavia has a great height in all matches, so he has such a good standard situation. The composition of her squad is physically excellent, “noted Roman Pivarník, coach Victoria, who fell because of the unguarded corner kick on Sunday in Eden.

And further evidence. Slavia only got three goals when the opponent kicked a corner or a straight line.That’s better with Victoria with two bets. This is also due to the fact that “stitching” is the best in all combat pointers.

In this all, the key person – Milan Škoda is among the celebrities. The best player in the league. It has the greatest success of all players in the competition, 45 percent, reigning mainly attacking and air duels. “It helps well forwards and backwards,” praises the former celebrity Pavel Novotny, who won the title with the team in 1996. Also habit…

Coach Jaroslav Shilhavy is well aware of all the benefits. That’s why he uses it too, and Slavia – according to the chart – goes to the rainbow.