How many coaches do the EURO? Hodgson crushes Vrba, Russian is without salary

Englishman Roy Hodgson earns 118 million crowns per year and is best paid out of all twenty-four EURO coaches. Pavla Vrbová belongs to the 18th place in the ranking, his annual fee is less than six million crowns. In addition, the line of coaches is struggling to take significantly less than their trustees.


Millions of crowns a year, half a moon a month? That’s not really a bad pay, it would say. However, Pavel Vrba, the commander of the Czech national team, is failing compared to the coaches in the current European football championship.

The best paid coach is Englishman Roy Hodgson, who is crowned 118 million crowns each year.Italy’s Antonio Conte, Italy’s coach, is not bad at 106 million crowns a year. The third Fatih Terim from Turkey must already be satisfied with a salary of less than one hundred million, taking them forty-one.


Better than Vrba is also German coach of Hungarians Bernd Storck, Polak Adam Nawalka or Croatian coach Ante Čaččič. The coach of the Slovaks Ján Kozák, however, takes less, his annual salary is 4.6 million crowns.

The coach without a gag

The consolation can be that among the coaches currently operating in the French stadiums one , Which does not receive any salary at all.It is Russia’s coach Leonid Slucki, who is also the CSKA Moscow pilot and coach of the national team as a side-side after Fabia Capella.

He was by far the best paid coach (before Hodgson) at the last World Championship in Brazil , The Russians paid him over 230 million crowns for their patience. Sluckij has taken it for free but has promised bonuses if the team will be successful. And if Russia is out of the question, it will be able to continue the tournament at all.

Not every national federation is as rich as Russian or English so she can pay coaches generously. The wages of representative coaches are not as high as at the club level.It is rumored that Pep Guardiola can reach £ 15 million in Manchester City, more than 500 million crowns a year!

Players take much more

Almost every coach on the EURO finds himself In the role of senior players who earn many times more than he. Sweden coach Erik Hamren takes 5.2 million crowns a year, which is roughly half that the biggest star of his team, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, will be on a weekly basis if he actually signs on to Old Trafford. Portuguese coach Fernando Santos earns 32.5 million a year, while Cristiano Ronaldo is more than 10 million a week.

Even more so in the eyes of Welsh: Gareth Bale is around 10 million crowns a week and Wales coach Chris Coleman 6.7 million a year.And we do not have to go so far: Petr Čech takes 3.85 million crowns a week in Arsenal. If we count the usual monthly wages in our regions, what is half a million Paul Vrba against the Czech fifteen million?