Gold Grubben Cannonade

For eight years, Linda Grubben, the Norwegian biathlete, was waiting for the first individual title of world champion. At endurance fifteen she attacked him two years ago in Hochfilzene in Austria (finished third), but she only arrived in the Italian Anterselve yesterday.

Especially thanks to the cannonade on the shooting range. Only Grubben, silver French Baverel – Robert and nineteen Kazakh Moževitinová shot all twenty goals. Twenty-seven-year-old Norway, however, had the fastest skis and spent less time on the shooter. It burned like a cannon, and the target was one minute and six seconds faster than her French pursuer.

“Give a great shot. Everyone must be satisfied with that.The track was tough, but when I saw Olofsson swearing two shots on the shore, I knew I was going to win, “she admitted 27-year-old Norwegian Blonde.

The native of Stavanger has competed for many years under the name of Tjörhom, but last summer she took Norwegian biathlon coach Roger Grubben. In marriage, she has taken a new momentum.

In the new season, the fighter in Östersund and Oberhofe won the gold and had a gold medal at Anterselve where Nemka Neuner was spoiled by the golden joy. Linde remained only silver.

The German Bronz won a one minute penalty yesterday by Nemo Martina Glagow. One of the favorites, her countryman Kati Wilhelm, resigned in mid-stomach races.Winner of the weekend sprint and fighter Magdalena Neuner did not start.

Slovakia has finally won the world championship in the first twenty. Martina Halinar, with one penny, ended seventeen when she was holding for a long time at the end of the first tens.

However, the wounded wound on the first stand was frightened by the possibility of overcoming the best result of the season, which for the 33-year-old Banskobystričanka is the fourth place in Sprint in Ruhpolding, Germany.

“We still have it. It saves the Slovak biathlon, because our young biathlonists are still too short, “said Milan Gašperčík, a trainer of Slovak biathlon, for STV.

“Martina was very good on the firing range, but she was a bit behind the runner.Nevertheless it is a very good result. “

I also enjoyed the Halina result. “I have to be happy. I was really good at shooting and believing I was pleased at home, “said Martina, who is already starting at her tenth world championships. In the World Championship, it is in the endurance race its third best result. In Anterselve 1995 it was tenth, seven years ago in the Holmenkollene market.

Soňa Mihoková passed one goal on each item and ended with 55 minutes in four minutes. Petra Slezáková was one shot better, but the weak run moved her to 79th place. Jana Gereková did not climb up to 9 goals and finished in the 90-point starting field seven after the end. MS Facts