Fighting the snooker throne: Defenders of Selby’s title Crucible’s Crucible

Since the start of the tournament there has been no need for dramatic moments. The first World Championship match is traditionally started by the incumbent champion. The number of qualifiers determined him to be Kurt Maflin’s rival. Maflin was born in England, but in 2004 he moved to Norway, which he represents. And for many unknown players, the defenders of the title pretty well flooded, Selby decided his progress to the last possible frame. Most of the other players were able to defend their place, with only three exceptions.

Mark Williams has lost to longtime friend Matthew Stevens 2-10 and Ricky Walden to Graeme Dott – yes, world champion 2006 is not among the TOP16 and has not been deployed – 8-10.

The biggest surprise of the first round was the McGill’s win over Stephen Macguire.McGill, in a fight with one of Scotland’s best snooker players, got an excellent 9-5 lead and it was a quick move. But, Macguire got up and finally decided in the last frame.

McGill played as if he was a cook in the theater and not a rookie for the first time. His merciless assault, followed by a long series of diving, stopped well beyond the points needed to win. By the way, he also played in the qualification. In the last game, he beat Mark King in the lead frame with a high lead of 129.

In the second round, the youngster, coaching with Alan McManus, defeated the title defense champion. Selby had never had a problem with McGille, but he definitely knew about the young player in extraordinary form.After all, McGill already has a scalp of players like Trump and Higgins. In the second round there are already 13 winning games, so the match is divided into three parts – 8, 8 and 9 frames. The first series won McGill 5-3, the second 6-2.

The third session suddenly became the most watched cause of the current tournament. McGill captivated the audience in the hall with an unexpectedly mature game that deserved success. In the third session, losing Selby – as we are accustomed to – has yet to recover. The best player in the world is known for his ability to win seemingly lost matches. But this time Anthony did not come, and McGill continued to play a splendid game with deadly racing.Mark Selby commended his conqueror, “I told him after the game if you continue to play like this, there is no reason why you should not be a champion. He played incredibly and deserved progress. “

McGill and Murphy are in the quarterfinals and have one title on their account. He is even one of the few players who have managed to win the tournament after qualifying. Yes, McGill could become this year’s world champion. I bow to Selby’s view of his game is really above average.

We must not forget the other knights of the green table led by Ronnie O’Sullivan, followed by Trumpe with Murphy and Robertson. At least this quartet has caught the championship in great form. Will O’Sullivan have the sixth title? Is Trump coming? Will we have an unexpected champion? Hard to say.During last year’s championship he asked the commentator and former world champion Joe Johnson, who is his favorite. That’s when he said he had more, exactly 32. I’m not a world champion, but I only have eight.