Elbows in action already five kilometers. A terrible stage, “said Stybar

What did Stybar most upset? “The jerks started to kick each other five kilometers and they were all nervous about the wind,” the Czech rider Etixx, the tenth man of the Tour, told me.

Before the fourth stage that ended with the dice, This time he would rather welcome more favorable conditions. “When it started to rain, it began to slip, the first falls. Strong teams went forward and the whole race felt great nervousness, “he wrote. “It was terribly slippery, while on ice.Fortunately, the final was already on the run, otherwise it would be even more. “

Another of the Czechs, Romano Kreuziger, did not surprise the course of the stage. “He will be nervous, it could have been predicted by a big wind,” he said a bit behind the goal where he scored 44 on the jersey symbolically at 44th place, at the same time as the victorious Greipel. “The weather was supposed to improve at the end, but the clouds were all over again. Fortunately, at least the last ten or fifteen kilometers were dry. “

The moment the rain stopped, the positions for the final spurt were already at the top.Inside him behind Greipel, the green jersey, Kreuziger and Štybar: Peter Sagan and Mark Cavendish reached the second and third place.

“Peter does not have to be at risk of Alberto . And when he is, he helps him, “Kreuziger said. “It was also visible on Tuesday at the dice stage. I think we are well divided and the team is very well balanced. “

Sagana could have enjoyed the second place, with the prestige thanks to him he defended the white jersey for the best rider of 25 years. But Cavendish from the bronze position was not very excited.

Spurt was hoping for the train, his team train, led by Štybar for a long time, led the peloton to the last meters.But Cavendish had to look for space for the finisher and eventually two opponents pushed in.

“We did what we could to win Cav. We’ve made the most of it, “said Stybar, exhausted, as he headed from the target area to the team bus. “Spurt is always nervous, it’s nothing simple. They all have their trains, every one of their sprinters. Everyone is cpe, plus there are also those who think of the overall victory. It really is a struggle. “

Similarly, the next stage may look like. “I’m glad this is behind us, but I’m afraid the following will not be much better,” Štybar wrote on Twitter Wednesday night.Still, after the race, he said, “We will definitely try again, we want Mark to win a milestone.”

Is it going to happen on Thursday?