Djokovic misses tennis immortality. Will Wawrinka stop him?

Even before the Roland Garros 2015 began, the organizers of Stuff Wawrinka were upset.

The official website of the tournament has revealed an article looking for parallels between his successes on the court and his personal life. P> This is a fairly hot topic now, as Wawrinka left his wife Ilham in April for the second time.

But the author of this article did not discourage this from “probe” to tenist privacy. On the contrary. He finished his treatise by pointing out that Wawrink’s rival Marsel Ilhan, with his first name, is named after him…well yes, like his wife.

“Ilhan. The advantage of Ilhan. If Wawrinka faces the constant hints of his intricate personal life, it can happen up to the semifinals…”Wowrinka raged:” This article is a complete…I hope that the person responsible for the control of the articles does not work for the site anymore. “

The article then disappeared. He was fired by his author.

And Wawrinka was obviously annoyed. He did not only challenge Ilhan / Ilham. He flew to the quarterfinals in which he overcame Roger Federer. On Friday, in a hot afternoon, he fought for a nearly four-hour battle of pet-friendly Jo-Wilfried Tsong. And on Sunday, in the second grandslam finale in life, he meets with the best player in the world Novak Djokovic.

Wawrinka na Djokovići umí < H3>

It can really be a great show. The Serbian superman is almost invincible this year, but has only lost twice since the beginning of the year.But he has respect from Wawrinka.

Not to: In recent years, he has been tortured by grandslam as few. Their last four matches at the most prestigious tournaments have always stretched to five hundred. Wawrinka won only once but was often close.

It’s in the head. Stan Wawrinka believed he could beat the best. That’s why he will play in Paris for the title.

“I like Stana. He’s working hard. We knew for a long time that he could play great tennis but did not believe he could win grandslamas.”Yes, he, Federer and Murray, the seemingly overwhelming tennis” gods, “a new challenger has grown two years ago under Magnus Norman’s coach.


His rebellion was overwhelmed by Switzerland last year when he won the grandslam title for the first time at the Australian Open.

Will the Swiss become one of the” mutants “?

Since then, he has not fainted. A year ago, he fell to Paris in the first round. Occasionally it seemed like he was not enjoying tennis. This year his problems in his personal life have come to light.

But he has not forgotten his art.

He often speaks modestly, like on Friday after the victory over Tsonga. “I dreamed of playing Roland Garros.Not about winning it. The people who won him were mutants for me. “

But sometimes he confidently declares:” When I play my maximum I can beat anyone. “

It’s not a blessing. It is true.

But Djokovic will do everything in his power to shake the outgoing Swiss. Only the triumph of Roland Garros is missing in the grandslam’s collection. Only his absence hinders him on his way to tennis immortality.

MAN IN THE CURRENT CENTER. Will Roland Garros attract the biggest favorite of his campaign to the desired title?

Six times during the Paris campaign he stopped the clay ghost Rafael Nadal. He has already cleared that one. The last step is left.

Last rival.

Last Battle.