Champions League? Circus Hockey League, Vítkovický Olesz swears to the referee

Hockey players Vítkovic have already lost their first place in group 1 in Germany 1: 2 with a certain ease of play to the playoffs.

“And again, what happened in Grodno. The judges are the weakest part of this Cirkus Hockey League because what they are singing to us is not theirs. What they call them does not get us, “Olesz said in a video chat for the official website of the Vítkovice Club.

“I do not know if I can comment on whether to get a fine.

It’s what this league is really hurting at this time. (2: 0), as well as home (3: 1), the procedure is sure.With Mannheim, they lost 1: 2 on their own ice and in Germany they wanted to fight for victory in the group and better play-off. They needed any winnings.

“We’re not going to lose anything anymore. We want to win every match, “Olesz said in a further duel after the home match against Grodn. “It’s really hard, though, when you lose eighty percent of the bulls and the judges are laughing.When you win the balls, he will throw you away. “

Just Olesz with the end of the basic game time was given a two-minute penalty for unsportsmanlike behavior, and the Ostravas had to defend themselves in weakness at the beginning of the game. “I do not know if we will still complain about the referees, but in these two games out there it was a tradition,” said an angry former Sparty player, Florida, Chicago, New Jersey, or Bern.

Hand, three (players) want to beat me. I tell him what he is doing. And he was hockey. I tell him why he’s drinking basketball? He will give me two minutes. It is difficult. They can afford what they want.It’s a sad figure of the Circus Hockey League, “he changed the name of the competition to describe the action under the baton of Antti Boman’s main judges from Finland, Markus Krawinkel, and Robert Schelewski and Andreas Kowert of Germany.

Match with Mannheim great quality and great backdrop. Energybet betting online “It was a very difficult match. Mannheim played at home, there was excellent support for their audience and a little bit of ours. It was a very difficult Energybet bet sports skating and physical, “added Olesz to a match that was attended by 9,744 spectators.

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