American star Galatasaray will please his wife. He wants to represent the Czech Republic

It is this American who could play on the Eurobasket, which starts in less than a month: Czechs are trying to solve the citizenship before the championship before the Nymburk championship, until August 28th.

“Blake has handed out the necessary documents, everything is on the side of the authorities. We work with the option of being a part of the team, “said Michael Šob, a senior executive.

The naturalization of foreigners can be seen differently. Radically refuse it or call it on the contrary: That’s what everyone does, Energybet online betting tips so why not use it, just a ditch! Or is there a compromise option – consider granting citizenship only to those for which it makes sense.

Which is Schilbův case.

“Married we are three years living together for six years,” he says About the Czech consort. “All our children speak Czech.I played for the first two years of my professional career behind Nymburk and has a special place in my heart. When I talked with my wife about the opportunity to represent the Czech Republic, she was excited. “

The two sides have expressed interest in this case: the 33-year-old Schilb and the Czech Federation. The native of the Illinois state has shown enough effort to take everything seriously. “He sacrificed comfort during the summer, flew back and stood for the offices,” says Schob. Schilb has been taking the last season for the Paris club, now heading to Galatasaray. But the chance to play for his wife’s home is extraordinarily tempting. “They called me a year ago and something. I have a lot of journeys, a lot of paperwork, “says Schilb. “It’s great to be here with the others at last. Everyone is looking forward to a good championship.Mainly create team chemistry. “

Will he also contribute to it? “I believe everything will do,” he Energybet sport betting says. “I have already done so. Now I can only wait – and hope. “

The Czech chances of success with Schilb certainly increased significantly.

“I’m excited about the joint training, it can help us a lot,” says Jan Veselý, the selection star.

However, Schilb won a very good reputation in the French competition. In addition, he liked his family in Paris, including the lady. And how he himself smiles widely: “Happy wife, happy life.”

But his wife was even happier when the husband saw the Czech national jersey.

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