Against all. The Czech Republic has won home hope at the US Open and goes to Wozniacki

She did not have to talk long enough about how happy she was. At first glance, she knew what a delight she had of her sporting success from a hot Tuesday night in New York.

Thirty-one-year-old McCaleb died in March in Indian Wells. Now she’s defeated her near her birthplace in New Jersey – Flushing Meadows.

“The win is really sweet,” she said. “After a long time I play the tournament on the concrete. I managed to defeat my homemade American, which was an extra motivation for me. “

With the cartilage in the hip, she has been long-lived. Only in the last few months the 25th woman of the world has returned to caliber.On the ITF ITF Championships, she went to the semifinals in Prague, to the final in Olomouc and to the title in Polish Sobota.

The ladder went down to 150th during the treatment, but thanks to the so-called protected rankings, it can be seen in the main competition at the US Open. At first, she was hard on the hard surface: “It’s a brute on my hips and ankles. The first three days I thought I would not stop. But then she sits down. “

While playing with McHale, she overlooked the occasional nagging of local supporters:” They applauded, for example, after my double bite. But it has to be counted. “

She tried to focus on her strategy:” I had to dictate the pace.As soon as I let her play, my forhendem rang and it was bad. “She felt she was dusting instincts and self-confidence:” Every match gives me something. I believe more in important moments. I’m getting back. “

Finally he is fit and can coach Martin Fassati again about his game. It is particularly slim. “It’s probably because I played a lot of chinchillas in the summer. I gave a lot of energy, “she says.

The honesty of New York, which she likes otherwise, has cut off by renting her apartment in Queens where Billie Jean King is located. So she was dropped off from Manhattan. “He sucks. If we want to see the fool, we’ll go out there. But otherwise it’s absolutely amazing in Queens.We have a spacious apartment where we can cook. “

Cetkovska is also drenched for the fourth consecutive Danish Wozniacki, who is in the second round. “We have it together 1: 2. The last time I won, but on the concrete I beat twice, “she remembers. “It’s always a nice match with her. I hope this will be confirmed. “

A quarter-game match with a famous rival will probably put the organizers in one of the bigger stadiums. And that’s for Cetkov’s reward: “Perhaps I’ll show something to make it look. And maybe the end will again be sweet. “